Carnaval of the Northeast USA

The first Carnaval dance came to Lowell, MA of the U.S. in 1973 through José Valadão, Lourenço Valadão and Francisco Meneses. ... "It was precisely in 1973 that these two brothers José Valadão and Lourenço Valadão with their brother-in-law Francisco Meneses, all born in Terceira, brought to stage the Carnaval of Terceira," said Paulo Godinho, active president of the Portuguese American Center (PAC) also known as the Azuis club, who himself is a great fan and supporter of this tradition. "According to my conversation with José Valadão who was at the beautiful age of 70, indicated that practice was carried out in the basement of a house. In the course of our conversation, José Valadão, who still maintains this Portuguese presence in Lowell, MA, said that the first Carnaval dance on American soil was a dance whose subject was "The Dove, the Chicken, Black Thrush and the Burnt," said Paulo Godinho, President of the PAC, which still opens their doors for this initiative from the onset of the first dance in 1973.

"In 1973 and 1974 the Carnaval dances filled the halls of the communities of the north. Portuguese American Center (PAC), Portuguese American Civic League (PACL) and Society of the Holy Spirit (Holy Spirit's Field), all in Lowell. In 1975, Carnaval dances from Lowell, MA, which have been increasing in quantity, began to parade through the halls of the South, continues Paulo Godinho while re-iterating the testimony of José Valadão, whose son, Delio Valadão and grandchildren continue to relive this very popular annual tradition on American soil.

The "fever" of Carnaval echoed in Lowell and was gradually spreading to the southern communities such as the core communities of Taunton, MA at Taunton Sports, in East Providence, RI at Philips Street Hall, in Pawtucket, RI at the church hall of St. Anthony, and Grupo Amigos da Terceira, in Fall River, MA at the band hall of Our Lady of Light, Clube Recreativo Cultural Português in Warren, RI. After Jose Valadão, Lourenço Valadão, Francisco Meneses have cast the seed of the Carnaval of Terceira in the U.S., dances began to appear from the upcoming generation which consists of Délio Valadão, José António Martins, Álvaro Fagundes, all of Lowell, MA, Anselmo Leal of Lawrence, MA, and Manuel Rocha of Stoughton, MA.

Carnaval insists on evolving with these generations by countering those who say that the Carnaval community is over, that the young do not care about the old traditions. But those who surrender their souls to the creator, remain and do not forget the traditions of parents and grandparents. ...

An interpretation of: "Carnaval 2005, 32 anos de tradição revivida pelos EUA desde 1973 ." http://www.portuguesetimes.com/Ed_1754/Comuni/co12.htm


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